Totoro Facts

Fact #6: It exists more than 3 Totoros

Totoro is now known all over the world. He appears on screen only for few minutes, but each time it is magical.

Totoro is not the only one of his kind. In the movie My Neighbor Totoro we can see 2 other members of his family, but did you know that more Totoros exist?

In some artworks from Miyazaki, we can see other Totoros in the Neko-Bus. However we don’t know the exact number.

Totoro's family


The biggest, also called O-Totoro (大トトロ) which can be translated to the Great Totoro (or King Totoro). He likes to take a nap during the day and to play ocarina at night.

  • Age: 1302 years old
  • Original name: Miminzuku (ミミンズク)
  • Height: 2m
  • Color: grey

Medium Totoro

Medium Totoro is blue and is also called Chu-Totoro (中トトロ). In Japanese, “chu” means medium.

  • Age: 679 years old
  • Original name: Zuk (ズク)
  • Color: blue

Little Totoro

Little Totoro is white and is also called Chibi-Totoro (チビトトロ). In Japanese “chibi” means little.

  • Age: 109 years old
  • Original name: Min (ミン)
  • Color: white

Totoro's family