Totoro Facts

Fact #5: Totoro's tree is a cinnamomum camphora

When Mei and Satsuki arrived in the garden in the movie My Neighbor Totoro, they saw this enormous tree and they asked to their father what kind of tree it is.

Satsuki: Daddy, look at that big tree on the mountain.
Father: That’s a camphor tree.
Satsuki: A camphor. Camphor tree.
Mei: Camphor tree
Satsuki: Camphor.

The father answered that it is a camphor tree also known as cinnamomum camphora. In Japanese it is called kusunoki クスノキ.


pray in front of camphor

After trying to look for Totoro’s home, the father said that he moved to this house especially because of this tree.

Father: What a beautiful tree it is. This tree’s been here, oh, since before anyone can remember. You know, a long time ago, men and trees were the best of friends. It’s actually because of this tree that I decided to buy our house in the first place. And you can bet Mommy’ll like it when she sees it. So, what do you say we thank the king of the forest and get back for our lunch?

This tree seems to be the home of Totoro. He likes to take a nap under the tree and he also likes to play some music at night on top of it.

Camphor tree is native to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Vietnam and now can be found in many other contries.

In Japan, the biggest camphor tree is in Kagoshima prefecture.


This tree is called Kamo no Okusu (蒲生のクス, the Great Camphor of Kamo), is 30m high, has a circumference of 24.22m and is more than 1500 years old. It is located in Hachiman shrine in the city of Kamo.

okusu oldest camphor

Source: wikipedia